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Efficient preparation method of samples for proteomic analysis of anaerobic hydrogen-producing granular sludge

LI Hua-Hua;LIANG Qing;CUI Han;XING De-Feng

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 08

Research progress towards biological foaming of activated sludge in municipal wastewater treatment plants

SONG Yang;JIANG Cheng-Ying;WANG Ai-Jie;LIU Shuang-Jiang

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 08

Multi-agent simulation predicts interspecies interaction in microbial electrolysis cell using waste sludge

LIANG Qing;LI Hua-Hua;XING De-Feng

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 08

Remediation of heavy metal pollution by SRB isolated from activated sludge in lead-zinc smelter slag

YAN Xiao;LIU Xing-Yu;ZHANG Ming-Jiang;CUI Xing-Lan;ZHONG Juan;HU Xue-Wu

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 08

Pilot-scale biological treatment process of domestic wastewater under low temperature and low C/N ratio enhanced by aerobic denitrification and denitrifying phosphorus accumulation bacteria

LI Ang;MA Fang;ZHANG Dong-Jun;XING Lu-Lu;SUN Yi-Lu;CHEN Han

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 08