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Adaptive evolution and addition of betaine to promote ansamitocin production

XU Wen-Long;HU Feng-Xian;LIU Ting;WEI Liu-Jing;HUA Qiang

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 07

Transcriptome analysis of Sparassis latifolia cultivated with different carbon sources

XIAO Dong-Lai;MA Lu;YANG Chi;LIN Yan-Quan

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 07

Effect of synthetic defects of very long-chain fatty acids on cell membrane stability and sensitivity of polyenes in yeast

ZHU Qian;CHENG Xun;DU Xiu-Xiu;ZHOU Guo-Ying;DENG Yun-Xia;HUANG Zhi-Wei

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 07

Regulation of MvaT on phenazine synthesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

JI Nan-Nan;YANG Guang;LIANG Ru-Bing

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 07

Isolation and identification of pathogen Proteus penneri from Crocodylus siamensis suffering nodulous esophagitis

ZENG Chen-Xi;LIN Mao;LI Zhong-Qin;MA Ying;WANG Shu-Hong

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 07