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Antimicrobial activity of endophytic bacterium strain B-11 isolated from Curcuma wenyujin

ZENG Xin;ZHANG Ya-Hui;CHI Hui-Rong;SUN Zhong-Yu;CHEN Wei-Liang;MAO Bi-Zeng

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 05

Screening and identification of antagonistic and plant-growth promoting endophytic bacteria from seabuckthorn nodules

ZHANG Ai-Mei;WU Ju-Yan;HAN Xue-Ying;KONG Wei-Bao

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 05

Whole-genome sequencing of a Listeria monocytogenes ST477 and genetic diversity of inlA gene


Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 05

Screening, identification and optimization of fermentation conditions of an antagonistic actinomycete strain to cucumber Fusarium wilt

WANG Yan;NIU Shi-Quan;ZHENG Dou-Dou;ZHOU Xuan;ZHU Xue-Tai;KONG Wei-Bao;HAN Jian-Shan;ZHANG Ai-Mei

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 05

Antibiotics produced by Micromonospora carbonacea against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola

HUANG Yun-Hong;REN Yu-Han;ZOU Long;NI Hai-Yan;LONG Zhong-Er

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 05