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Epidemiological trends and characteristics of brucellosis in miscarriage dairy cows in China, 2013–2017

BIAN Zeng-Jie;ZHU Liang-Quan;FENG Yu;SUN Shi-Jing;QIN Yu-Ming;DING Jia-Bo

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 03

Single cell capture and culture of fungi based on microfluidic

ZHAO Ying-Tong;HUN Ting-Ting;ZHAN Yue-Wei;FAN Ting-Wen;ZHAO Feng;CHAO Ya-Peng;SUN Yan

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 03

Influence of chemical induction on the secondary metabolites and biological activities of a marine-derived fungal strain Aspergillus terreus C23-3

YANG Jing-Ming;YANG Wen-Cong;LIU Ya-Yue;NIE Ying-Ying;LEI Xiao-Ling;ZHANG Yi

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 03

Effect of six ectomycorrhizal fungi inoculation on Betula alnoides clonal seedlings

ZOU Hui;WANG Chun-Sheng;LU Jun-Kun;WANG Huan;CHEN Yu;ZENG Jie

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 03

Identification of four plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria isolated from tea rhizosphere

WANG Huan;HAN Li-Zhen

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 03