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High expression and activity of an L-methionine γ-lyase gene in Escherichia coli

HU Hai-Yan;DU Shao-Ping;XIA Feng-Geng;HUANG Kui-Ying;ZHOU Shi-Ning

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 12

Biotransformation of protocatechuic acid

YANG Xiu-Qing;LIU Ya-Ni;XI Jing-Wen

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 12

Carbon metabolism gene gabT regulates γ-aminobutyric acid metabolism of Streptomyces venezuelae Snea253 on nematicidal activity

YU Dong-Mei;ZHU Feng;XING Zhi-Fu;FAN Hai-Yan;ZHU Xiao-Feng;DUAN Yu-Xi;WANG Yuan-Yuan;LIU Xiao-Yu;CHEN Li-Jie

Microbiology China,2019,Vol 46,No. 12