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Phylogenetic analysis of Lactobacillus casei and closely related species/subspecies based on sequences of housekeeping genes

Duolana;SONG Yu-Qin;LI Wei-Cheng;LI Jing;XU Hai-Yan;SUN Zhi-Hong;ZHANG He-Ping

Microbiology China,2018,Vol 45,No. 12

Isolation and identification of Bacillus sp. hsn03 with algicidal activity on Microcystis aeruginosa

XU Yan-Ting;SONG Rui-Xue;TIAN Cong-Qi;LI Yi

Microbiology China,2018,Vol 45,No. 12

miR-34b regulates the replication of Enterovirus 71 in rhabdomyosarcoma cell


Microbiology China,2018,Vol 45,No. 12

Screening, identification, and preliminary study on biocontrol effect of antagonistic Bacillus against the pathogen of Valsa mali for apple tree

DOU Ya-Nan;NIU Shi-Quan;DOU Jian-Tao;ZHAO Dan;ZHENG Dou-Dou;ZHOU Xuan;WANG Yan;ZHU Xue-Tai;KONG Wei-Bao

Microbiology China,2018,Vol 45,No. 12

Symbiotic Escherichia coli promotes the developmental timing of Drosophila melanogaster

XU Hao-Zhe;WANG Lu;WANG Jie;HU Wen;LI Rong;LIU Wei

Microbiology China,2018,Vol 45,No. 12