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Studies in World Religions
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  • Studies in World Religions sponsored by the Institute of World Religion of Chinese Academy of Social Science, is listed as the national Chinese core periodical.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Zhuo Xinping

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Li Jianxin

Institutional changes in the Catholic papal election system

LIU Guopeng

Studies in World Religions,2019,No. 03

Rationality of beliefs in Locke’s concept of ethics

ZHAI Zhihong ;CHEN Huiming

Studies in World Religions,2019,No. 03

The humanistic deduction of Chinese traditional sacrificial ritual music: taking the localization practice of sacrificial ritual music in Taiwan as an example

LI Ruixiang ;GU Yuxin

Studies in World Religions,2019,No. 03

Looking at the path of sinicization of Islam from the book The Rites of Arabia by Liu Zhi

WU Yungui

Studies in World Religions,2019,No. 03