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Studies in World Religions
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  • Studies in World Religions sponsored by the Institute of World Religion of Chinese Academy of Social Science, is listed as the national Chinese core periodical.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Zhuo Xinping

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Li Jianxin

Textual research on the life history and contributions of Gaoyuan Mingyu, the great master of the Consciousness-only School and the Huayan School in the Ming Dynasty

YANG Weizhong

Studies in World Religions,2017,No. 02

Brief introduction of the community of the Zhou Dynasty based on faiths revealed in The Classic of Poetry

WEI Minghui

Studies in World Religions,2017,No. 02

Four structural factors for religious tolerance in the Chinese culture: Tao, mind, sage and scripture

CHEN Lisheng

Studies in World Religions,2017,No. 02

Discussion on the interaction between Lingji Taoism and society in the Ming dynasty

WANG Fumei

Studies in World Religions,2017,No. 02