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  • Acta Physica Sinica is supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences, sponsored by Chinese Society of Physics and Institute of Physics CAS. It aims to disseminate the achievements in the field of physics in China, promote academic exchanges and the study of physics, especially providing an important platform for young talents. Acta Physica Sinica is included in CA, EI, CSCD and AJ. Impact factor is 1.349.

  • Editor-in-Chief: OuYang Zhong-can

Magnetotransport properties and stress control of HgCdTe thin film

ZHANG Song-Ran;HE Dai-Hua;TU Hua-Yao;SUN Yan;KANG Ting-Ting;DAI Ning;CHU Jun-Hao;YU Guo-Lin

Acta Physica Sinica,2020,Vol 69,No. 05