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Journal of Inorganic Materials
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  • Journal of Inorganic Materials is supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences and sponsored by Shanghai Institute of Ceramics and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Published by The Science Press and launched in 1986, it is a monthly journal with 112 pages per issue. It aims to report phased and final achievements of national key projects and the projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Its scope covers creative treaties on new inorganic non-metallic materials, including nano-inorganic materials, functional and structural ceramics, functional crystals, energy materials, biomaterials, solid thin film, special glass and inorganic composite. It aims at briefly reporting on achievement obtained at different stages, summarizing and reviewing on the progress of special areas or subjects of inorganic non-metallic materials, and new processes and new techniques. The journal is included in CA, SCI, JST, EI, CSCD.

  • Chief Editor
    Professor GUO Jing-Kun

    Executive Chief Editor
    Professor CHEN Li-Dong

Rare Earth Oxides on Property of Pressureless Sintered Si 3N 4 Ceramics

DUAN Yu-Sen;ZHANG Jing-Xian;LI Xiao-Guang;HUANG Ming-Ming;SHI Ying;XIE Jian-Jun;JIANG Dong-Liang

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2017,Vol 32,No. 12

Preparation and Property of PDA/CPP Bilayer on SLA Surfaces

ZHANG Jia-Min;WANG Tao;TANG Chun-Bo;WANG Qiao-Na;QIAN Hai-Mei;MIAO Run-Jie

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2017,Vol 32,No. 12

Operating Temperature on Cathode Material and Electrochemical Performance of Na-NiCl 2 Batteries

AO Xin;WU Xiang-Wei;WU Tian;WU Mei-Fen;WEN Zhao-Yin

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2017,Vol 32,No. 12

YSZ-Ti 3AlC 2 Thermal Barrier Coating and Its Self-healing Behavior under High Temperatures

SUN Xu-Xuan;CHEN Hong-Fei;YANG Guang;LIU Bin;GAO Yan-Feng

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2017,Vol 32,No. 12

Microstructure, Mechanical and Tribological Properties of TiAlN/VN Nano-multilayer Films

LI Miao-Lei;WANG En-Qing;YUE Jian-Ling;HUANG Xiao-Zhong

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2017,Vol 32,No. 12

Current Density on Microstructure and Thermal Control Performances of MgO-ZnO Ceramic Coatings

LI Hang;LU Song-Tao;QIN Wei;WU Xiao-Hong

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2017,Vol 32,No. 12

Regrowth of CdTe Quantum Dots Induced by Circular Polarized Light and Its Effect on the Photoluminescence

YAN Bo;PENG Ze-Yang;LV Bin;LIU Wei

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2017,Vol 32,No. 12