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Journal of Inorganic Materials
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  • Journal of Inorganic Materials is supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences and sponsored by Shanghai Institute of Ceramics and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Published by The Science Press and launched in 1986, it is a monthly journal with 112 pages per issue. It aims to report phased and final achievements of national key projects and the projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Its scope covers creative treaties on new inorganic non-metallic materials, including nano-inorganic materials, functional and structural ceramics, functional crystals, energy materials, biomaterials, solid thin film, special glass and inorganic composite. It aims at briefly reporting on achievement obtained at different stages, summarizing and reviewing on the progress of special areas or subjects of inorganic non-metallic materials, and new processes and new techniques. The journal is included in CA, SCI, JST, EI, CSCD.

  • Chief Editor
    Professor GUO Jing-Kun

    Executive Chief Editor
    Professor CHEN Li-Dong

Microstructure Controlling and Properties of TiAlSiN Nanocomposite Coatings Deposited by Modulated Pulsed Power Magnetron Sputtering

WU Zhi-Li;LI Yu-Ge;WU Bi;LEI Ming-Kai

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2015,Vol 30,No. 12

Structure Evolution of 7YSZ Thermal Barrier Coating During Thermal Shock Testing

ZHANG Xiao-Feng;ZHOU Ke-Song;ZHANG Ji-Fu;ZHANG Yong;LIU Min;DENG Chun-Ming

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2015,Vol 30,No. 12

Phase-inversion Tape Casting and Electrochemical Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode

ZHANG Yu-Yue;LIN Jie;MIAO Guo-Shuan;GAO Jian-Feng;CHEN Chu-Sheng;XIA Chang-Rong;ZHAN Zhong-Liang;WANG Shao-Rong

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2015,Vol 30,No. 12

Effects of Cooling Methods on Dielectric Properties of MMT/LDPE

CHENG Yu-Jia;ZHANG Xiao-Hong;ZHOU Xue-Dong;GUO Ning;CHENG Ru-Ru;ZHANG Tian-Xu

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2015,Vol 30,No. 12

Effect of the Oxidizing Atmosphere on the Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of CaCu 3Ti 4O 12 Ceramics

ZHAO Xue-Tong;REN Lu-Lu;LIAO Rui-Jin;LI Jian-Ying;WANG Fei-Peng

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2015,Vol 30,No. 12

Carbon Supported Pd-Fe Catalyst with Uniform Alloy Structure Prepared with Direct Thermo-decomposition Method for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

WANG Yan-En;WU Xiao-Jie;HE Cheng-Lei;ZHAO Jia-Ning;TANG Ya-Wen;LU Tian-Hong

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2015,Vol 30,No. 12

Photocatalytic Properties of MOF-derived ZnO/C, Ag/ZnO/C Porous Composite Materials


Journal of Inorganic Materials,2015,Vol 30,No. 12

Influence of Al 3+/Yb 3+/P 5+-doping on UV Transmission and Fluorescence Spectra under the UV Excitation of Silica Glasses

SHAO Chong-Yun;XU Wen-Bin;LIU Li-Wan;YANG Qiu-Hong;HU Li-Li;ZHOU Qin-Ling;WANG Shi-Kai

Journal of Inorganic Materials,2015,Vol 30,No. 12