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Petroleum Drilling Techniques
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  • Petroleum Drilling Techniques is supervised by China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group), sponsored by Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering. It aims to serve the authors and readers interested in the field of petroleum, and promote the development of petroleum engineering technology. Its scope covers oil exploitation, oil drilling, and oil drilling equipment. Petroleum Drilling Techniques is included in CSCD, CA, EBSCO. Impact factor is 1.650.

  • Editor-in-Chief: Ma Kaihua

Key Technologies for Drilling Horizontal Wells in Glutenite Tight Oil Reservoirs in the Mahu Oilfield of Xinjiang

LU Zongyu;ZHAO Fei;LEI Ming;ZOU Lingzhan;SHI Jiangang;ZHUO Lubin

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2019,Vol 47,No. 02

The Detection Characteristics of a High-Resolution Resistivity Imaging Instrument while Drilling

NI Weining;KANG Zhengming;LU Baoping;KE Shizhen;LI Xin;LI Mingyu

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2019,Vol 47,No. 02

Water-Based Drilling Fluid Technology for Horizontal Wells of Deep Shale Gas in Block Weiyuan

LIN Yongxue;ZHEN Jianwu

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2019,Vol 47,No. 02

Volumetric Fracturing with Mixed Water in Tight Gas Reservoirs in the Hangjinqi Block

JIA Guangliang;SHAO Tong;YIN Xiaoxia;JIANG Shangming;XU Wensi;WANG Yuzhu

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2019,Vol 47,No. 02

An Integrated Drilling Cuttings Utilization Technique in the South Pingqiao Block of the Fuling Shale Gas Field

XIA Hai-bang;BAO Kai;WANG Yu-hai;ZHOU Cheng-xiang;YANG Yu-kun

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2019,Vol 47,No. 02

A Study of the Dynamic Analysis and Design Method of Deepwater Drilling String Systems

LIAO Maolin;ZHOU Yingcao;SU Yinao;LIAN Zhilong;JIANG Hongwei

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2019,Vol 47,No. 02