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Oil Geophysical Prospecting
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  • Oil Geophysical Prospecting publishes new theories, methods, technologies, and new experiences within the field of exploration geophysics. The scope of the journal covers the seismic data collection, analysis, comprehensive interpretation, and nonseismic exploration. The goal of the journal is to provide valuable information for the scientific and product workers.

  • Editor-in-Chief Qian rongjun Associate Editor-in-Chief Feng Xiaoqiu Feng Xingzhi

Seismic wave field decomposition method based on vector rotation in τ- p domain

ZHANG Jing;ZHANG Wendong;ZHANG Tieqiang;SUN Pengyuan;YUAN Yijun;LI Jianfeng

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2020,Vol 55,No. 01

A direct inversion method for deblending simultaneous-source data

WANG Kunxi;MAO Weijian;ZHANG Qingchen;LI Wuqun;ZHAN Yi;SUN Yunsong

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2020,Vol 55,No. 01

Compressive sensing method with Huber norm minimization constraint on reconstruction error

LI Zhong-xiao;LI Yongqiang;GU Bing-luo;LI Zhen-chun

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2020,Vol 55,No. 01

Sensitivity analysis of multi-mode Rayleigh and Love wave phase-velocity dispersion curves in horizontal layered models

YIN Xiaofei;XU Hongrui;HAO Xiaohan;SUN Shida;WANG Peng

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2020,Vol 55,No. 01

Simultaneous interpolation, edge padding and denoising method for gravity data based on the projection onto convex sets

ZENG Xiaoniu;LI Xihai;HOU Weijun;LIU Jihao

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2020,Vol 55,No. 01