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Oil Geophysical Prospecting
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  • Oil Geophysical Prospecting publishes new theories, methods, technologies, and new experiences within the field of exploration geophysics. The scope of the journal covers the seismic data collection, analysis, comprehensive interpretation, and nonseismic exploration. The goal of the journal is to provide valuable information for the scientific and product workers.

  • Editor-in-Chief Qian rongjun Associate Editor-in-Chief Feng Xiaoqiu Feng Xingzhi

Comparison of 3D controlled-source electromagnetic forward modeling based on the nodal finite element and the edge-based finite element

TANG Wenwu;LIU Jianxin;YE Yixin;ZHANG Hua

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 03

Marine moving-wire-source CSEM 3D response simulation with the coupled potential finite volume method

ZHOU Jianmei;LI Xiu;QI Zhipeng

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 03

Joint inversion of elastic-electrical data for gas hydrate reservoirs based on Bayesian theory

PAN Haojie;ZHANG Yan;LI Hongbing;LIU Tanyan;DENG Jian;ZHAO Yi

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 03

A matching pursuit time-frequency analysis method based on OpenMP parallel computing

DENG Shiguang;WANG Shuyan;ZHAO Wenjin;LIU Zhiwei;HE Run

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 03

Focal mechanism of shear-tensile microseismic and amplitude distribution characteristics

TANG Jie;WANG Hao;WEN Lei;ZHANG Wenzheng

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 03