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Oil Geophysical Prospecting
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  • Oil Geophysical Prospecting publishes new theories, methods, technologies, and new experiences within the field of exploration geophysics. The scope of the journal covers the seismic data collection, analysis, comprehensive interpretation, and nonseismic exploration. The goal of the journal is to provide valuable information for the scientific and product workers.

  • Editor-in-Chief Qian rongjun Associate Editor-in-Chief Feng Xiaoqiu Feng Xingzhi

A linear traveltime interpolation method with hybrid meshes for VTI medium under rugged interface conditions

WANG Qi;LI Qingchun;WANG Zhiqi

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 06

Focal mechanism and moment tensor in orthorhombic anisotropic media

TANG Jie;WEN Lei;WANG Hao;ZHANG Wenzheng

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 06

Influence of IP effects on marine controlled-source electromagnetic responses

DING Xuezhen;LI Yuguo;LIU Ying

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 06

First break traveltime tomographic imaging based on the eikonal equation in VTI medium

ZHANG Kai;CHEN Junyi;ZHU Baihang;LI Zhenchun;DING Pengcheng

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 06

Spectrum decomposition based on three-parameter wavelet

ZHU Zhenyu;GAO Jialun;JIANG Xiudi;SUN Wenbo;XUE Dongchuan;WANG Qingzhen

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2018,Vol 53,No. 06