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Oil Geophysical Prospecting
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  • Oil Geophysical Prospecting publishes new theories, methods, technologies, and new experiences within the field of exploration geophysics. The scope of the journal covers the seismic data collection, analysis, comprehensive interpretation, and nonseismic exploration. The goal of the journal is to provide valuable information for the scientific and product workers.

  • Editor-in-Chief Qian rongjun Associate Editor-in-Chief Feng Xiaoqiu Feng Xingzhi

Multi-source least-squares reverse time migration based on Huber norm


Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 05

Gas hydrate saturation estimation in fractured reservoirs with acoustic logging

XIAO Kun;ZOU Changchun;DENG Juzhi;LU Zhenquan;ZHANG Hua

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 05

A deghosting method on variable-depth streamer data based on wavefield extrapolation and inversion

WANG Jianhua;WANG Yandong;LIU Guochang

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 05

Characteristics of 3D TEM response on seafloor with the central loop configuration

ZHAO Yue;XU Feng;LI Xiu;LIU Jinpeng

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 05

Lebedev grid high-order finite-difference modeling and elastic wave-mode separation for TTI media

HUANG Jinqiang;LI Zhenchun;HUANG Jianping;ZHANG Jinmiao;Sun Wenbo

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 05