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Oil Geophysical Prospecting
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  • Oil Geophysical Prospecting publishes new theories, methods, technologies, and new experiences within the field of exploration geophysics. The scope of the journal covers the seismic data collection, analysis, comprehensive interpretation, and nonseismic exploration. The goal of the journal is to provide valuable information for the scientific and product workers.

  • Editor-in-Chief Qian rongjun Associate Editor-in-Chief Feng Xiaoqiu Feng Xingzhi

Velocity dispersion and attenuation at microscopic and mesoscopic wave-induced fluid flow

ZHANG Guangzhi;HE Feng;ZHANG Jiajia;PEI Zhonglin;SONG Jiajie;YIN Xingyao

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 04

Lateral constraint two-step prestack elastic parameter inversion

ZHENG Xiaoxue;DU Qizhen;MENG Xianjun;CHEN Gang;HUO Guodong

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 04

Low-frequency amplitude and phase simultaneous recovery of conventional geophones data based on joint deployment of high-and low-frequency geophones

RUI Yongjun;ZOU Zhihui;Wang Shengge;Shang Xinmin;Zhang Yiming;Ma Rui

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 04

A new framework for geophysical joint inversion

CHEN Xiao;YU Peng;DENG Juzhi;GE Kunpeng;WANG Yanguo;ZHANG Hua

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 04

Robust multichannel predictive deconvolution based on the alternating split Bregman iteration algorithm

LI Zhongxiao;LI Zhenchun

Oil Geophysical Prospecting,2017,Vol 52,No. 04