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Sociological Studies
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  • Sociological Studies is compiled by the Institute of Sociology, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The Journal is devoted to the study of sociology and has become one of the leading professional academic journals in social science.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Chen Guangjin

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Yang Dian

Identity and participation: on the participation logic of public cultural life of urban community residents

YAN Yufan;YE Nanke

Sociological Studies,2019,Vol 34,No. 02

“Diffused religion” and “institutional religion”: why is Religion in Chinese Society classic?

LU Yunfeng

Sociological Studies,2019,Vol 34,No. 02

Zero-sum and expansionist thinking and religious policies of pre-modern empires: an analysis framework centered on church-state relations

SUN Yanfei

Sociological Studies,2019,Vol 34,No. 02

The basis of natural law in anthropology: James Frazer’s explanation of the state of nature

GUO Xijin

Sociological Studies,2019,Vol 34,No. 02

Ethnic elites and the frontier order of modern China: a case study on Khampa elite Kalsang Tsering during the Republican Era


Sociological Studies,2019,Vol 34,No. 02

Left-behind experiences and the formation of gender division of labor: an empirical study based on fieldwork at sites of origin and destination for migrant workers


Sociological Studies,2019,Vol 34,No. 02