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Sociological Studies
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Current Issue: Issue 01, 2018  

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  • Sociological Studies is compiled by the Institute of Sociology, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The Journal is devoted to the study of sociology and has become one of the leading professional academic journals in social science.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Chen Guangjin

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Yang Dian

Love, family and nation: Pan Guangdan’s theory of the new family system

HANG Suhong

Sociological Studies,2018,Vol 33,No. 01

Market regime and industrial advantages: * sociological study of the regional differences in agricultural industrialization

FU Ping

Sociological Studies,2018,Vol 33,No. 01

Cultural reproduction or cultural mobility?: a study on the inequality of college students’ educational achievements in China


Sociological Studies,2018,Vol 33,No. 01

Transcending westernization and localization: substance and direction of the construction of a sociological discourse with Chinese characteristics in the new era

HONG Dayong

Sociological Studies,2018,Vol 33,No. 01

From American pragmatic social sciences to social sciences with Chinese characteristics: an ontological and epistemological reflection

ZHAO Dingxin

Sociological Studies,2018,Vol 33,No. 01

Ethical principles of the traditional Chinese society in the mourning apparel system: a sociological analysis of congfu

AN Wenyan

Sociological Studies,2018,Vol 33,No. 01