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Sociological Studies
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  • Sociological Studies is compiled by the Institute of Sociology, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The Journal is devoted to the study of sociology and has become one of the leading professional academic journals in social science.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Chen Guangjin

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Yang Dian

Market competition, collective consumption and environment: life satisfaction of urban population and its impact factors


Sociological Studies,2016,Vol 31,No. 03

Socio-economic status, behavioral adaptation, and expectation for government performance: an analysis of the differentiation of residents’ smog-related out-migration intention

HONG Dayong;FAN Yechao;LI Peifan

Sociological Studies,2016,Vol 31,No. 03

Basic model of urban community governance and its governance performance: a case study based on four commercial residential neighborhoods


Sociological Studies,2016,Vol 31,No. 03

Public participation and trust in systems in the process of environmental risk communication

GONG Wenjuan

Sociological Studies,2016,Vol 31,No. 03

Consultation game and strategic traits between superior and subordinate governments in administrative division adjustment: the case of SS Town

ZHANG Jianzuo;LIU Shiding;LI Guicai

Sociological Studies,2016,Vol 31,No. 03

Transform through experimentation and discourse reconstruction during the rural reform process

LI Jie

Sociological Studies,2016,Vol 31,No. 03