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Chinese Journal of Biotechnology
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  • Founded in 1985,Chinese Journal of Biotechnology is the official journal of the Institute of Microbiology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Society for Microbiology. It is an international,peer-reviewed journal that publishes original papers and reviews on all aspects of Biotechnology, such as genetic engineering,cell engineering, enzyme engineering, biochemical engineering, and so on.The journal is indexed/abstracted in various important citation resources such as Chemistry Abstracts,MEDLINE/PubMed,AJ OF vINITI, JST, Scopus, Center for Agriculture and Bioscience International, EMBASE, CNKI,CBM,Chinese Science and Technological Periodical(CD).

  • Eidtor-in-chief
    Shengli Yang

    Associate Editors(alphabetically)
    Guoqiang Chen, Huanchun Chen, Shouyi Chen, Zixin Deng, Rongxiang Fang

    Board members(aiphabetically, *standing members)
    Fengwu Bai, Yilin Cao, Hongzhang Chen, Jian Chen, Lin Chen, Sumin Chen

Pilot-scale purification of rF1-V fusion protein of Yersinia pestis and characterization of its immunogenicity

Ting Fang;Jun Ren;Jinlong Zhang;Kexin Yin;Xiuxu Yang;Rui Yu;Xiaopeng Zhang;Changming Yu

Chinese Journal of Biotechnology,2016,Vol 32,No. 01

Enhancing glutamate decarboxylase activity by site-directed mutagenesis: an insight from Ramachandran plot

Piyu Ke;Jun Huang;Sheng Hu;Weirui Zhao;Changjiang Lü;Kai Yu;Yinlin Lei;Jinbo Wang;Lehe Mei

Chinese Journal of Biotechnology,2016,Vol 32,No. 01

Biosynthesis of indigo and indirubin by whole-cell catalyst designed by combination of protein engineering and metabolic engineering

Yang Li;Junge Zhu;Jianjun Wang;Huanzhang Xia;Sheng Wu

Chinese Journal of Biotechnology,2016,Vol 32,No. 01

D-mannose-conjugated polymeric micelles for targeted drug delivery

Shuting Wang;Quan Zhang;Zhou Ye;Yongquan Xiong;Chenyu Cui;Jian Yin

Chinese Journal of Biotechnology,2016,Vol 32,No. 01

Degradation of Urea and Ethyl Carbamate in Chinese Rice Wine by Recombinant Acid Urease

Jianli Zhou;Zhen Kang;Qingtao Liu;Guocheng Du;Jian Chen

Chinese Journal of Biotechnology,2016,Vol 32,No. 01

Markerless DNA deletion based on Red recombination and in vivo I-Sec I endonuclease cleavage in Escherichia coli chromosome

Zhu Meiqin ;Yu Jian;Zhou Changlin ;Fang Hongqing

Chinese Journal of Biotechnology,2016,Vol 32,No. 01