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Population Research
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  • Population Research, founded in 1977, aims to provide forum for sharing new research achievements, new data and new analytic methods. The goal of the journal is to provide theoretical basis for government policy making, contribute to the solving of Chinese population issues, and render service for the scientific development of population and family planning.

  • Editor-in-Chief Zhai Zhenwu Associate Editor-in-Chief Chen Wei Yao Yuan

Determinants of utilization of social care services for older persons in China

DU Peng;WANG Yongmei

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 03

Patterns and determinants of premarital pregnancy in China

Li Ding;Tian Siyu

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 03

Explaining the puzzle of gender difference of functional limitation incidence of the Chinese elderly

WEN Xingxiang

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 03

The impacts of adult children’s out-migration on the livelihood capital of elderly households in rural China

SONG Lu;LI Shuzhuo

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 03

A spatial-temporal study of inter-provincial migration pattern during Chinese Spring Festival travel rush

ZHAO Ziyu;WANG Shijun

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 03

Population size, consumption structure and environmental efficiency

LUO Nengsheng;ZHANG Mengdi

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 03