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Population Research
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  • Population Research, founded in 1977, aims to provide forum for sharing new research achievements, new data and new analytic methods. The goal of the journal is to provide theoretical basis for government policy making, contribute to the solving of Chinese population issues, and render service for the scientific development of population and family planning.

  • Editor-in-Chief Zhai Zhenwu Associate Editor-in-Chief Chen Wei Yao Yuan

Analysis on the prevalence and social determinants of premarital cohabitation in China

YU Jia ;XIE Yu

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 02

Determinants and effects of return migration in China

REN Yuan;SHI Wen

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 02

Impact of adult-child migration on health of rural elderly parents

SHU Binbin;TONG Yuying

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 02

The influence of women’s life course on their son preference


Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 02

Land requisition, financial constraint and labor migration

CHAI Guojun;WANG Junhui

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 02

Intergenerational influence and mechanism of migration behavior on residential preference


Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 02