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Population Research
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  • Population Research, founded in 1977, aims to provide forum for sharing new research achievements, new data and new analytic methods. The goal of the journal is to provide theoretical basis for government policy making, contribute to the solving of Chinese population issues, and render service for the scientific development of population and family planning.

  • Editor-in-Chief Zhai Zhenwu Associate Editor-in-Chief Chen Wei Yao Yuan

Re-examining China’s provincial socioeconomic development and fertility change

TAO Tao;JIN Guangzhao;YANG Fan

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 06

Migration and children’s education: facts and explanations

LV Lidan;WANG Fei

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 06

Family care arrangements and policy needs of preschool children in China: an analysis based on multiple data sources


Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 06

The influences of “downward” intergenerational support on mental health of the urban and rural elderly in China: the moderating effects of cognitive evaluation

SUN Juanjuan;JI Yun

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 06

Human capital, class status, identity and migrant workers’ permanent migration intention

LI Fei;ZHONG Zhangbao

Population Research,2017,Vol 41,No. 06