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Population Research
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Current Issue: Issue 05, 2016  

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  • Population Research, founded in 1977, aims to provide forum for sharing new research achievements, new data and new analytic methods. The goal of the journal is to provide theoretical basis for government policy making, contribute to the solving of Chinese population issues, and render service for the scientific development of population and family planning.

  • Editor-in-Chief Zhai Zhenwu Associate Editor-in-Chief Chen Wei Yao Yuan

Unintentional injuries of children in China: effects of mother’s characteristics and care

SONG Jian;ZHOU Yuxiang

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 05

Parenthood and subjective wellbeing: a life-cycle and life-course perspective

LI Ting;FAN Wenting

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 05

Determinants of social isolation of the Chinese elderly

ZHANG Wenjuan;LIU Ruiping

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 05

Trends in internal migration and mobility: international experiences and their implications for China

ZHU Yu;LIN Liyue;KE Wenqian

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 05

Intergenerational investment and intergenerational economic support of the rural elderly: intergenerational cooperation and family utility

HU Shiyong ;SHI Renbing

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 05

Intergenerational relationships and their new changes in contemporary China

WANG Yuesheng

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 05