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Population Research
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  • Population Research, founded in 1977, aims to provide forum for sharing new research achievements, new data and new analytic methods. The goal of the journal is to provide theoretical basis for government policy making, contribute to the solving of Chinese population issues, and render service for the scientific development of population and family planning.

  • Editor-in-Chief Zhai Zhenwu Associate Editor-in-Chief Chen Wei Yao Yuan

?Trends in life disparity in China since the 1950s: an international comparison


Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 01

Forecasting China’s labor supply, demand and the unemployment structure in the 13th five-year plan (2016–2020)

ZHANG Juwei;CAI Yifei

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 01

Analysis on the change of the second-child birth spacing and its influence factors in China since 1970

ZHANG Cuiling ;LIU Hongyan ;WANG Xiaofeng

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 01

On the universal two-child policy in China

WANG Peian

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 01

Fertility intention for the second child under the selective and universal two-child policies: comparisons and implications

ZHANG Xiaoqing ;HUANG Caihong ;ZHANG Qiang ;CHEN Shuangshuang ;FAN Qipeng

Population Research,2016,Vol 40,No. 01