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  • This journal is one of the earliest journals on population science in China. It is issued worldwide and indexed by CSSCI, and it is listed as the national Chinese core periodicaland the core periodical on population science.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Yu Xiao

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Wang Xiaofeng, Wang Huabo

    Editorial Board
    Wang Guangzhou, Wang Jinying, Yi Hao, Tian Yipeng, Sun Changzhi, Zhu Yu, Zhang Shiwei, Qiu Hong, Lu Jiehua, Chen Yingzi, Li Shuzhuo, Fan Lida, Yang Chenggang, Yang

Research on the influence of marriage and birth on wages: from on the perspective of gender wage gap

WANG Zhaoping;WANG Wenli

Population Journal,2020,Vol 42,No. 01

The influence of premarital cohabitation on the age of the first marriage: based on the Heckman two-stage model

LIANG Tonggui

Population Journal,2020,Vol 42,No. 01

The quantitative study of relationships between grandparenting and health outcome and implications for public policy

SONG Liangjun;YANG Ling;PENG Xizhe

Population Journal,2020,Vol 42,No. 01