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Current Issue: Issue 01, 2016  

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  • This journal is one of the earliest journals on population science in China. It is issued worldwide and indexed by CSSCI, and it is listed as the national Chinese core periodicaland the core periodical on population science.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Yu Xiao

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Wang Xiaofeng, Wang Huabo

    Editorial Board
    Wang Guangzhou, Wang Jinying, Yi Hao, Tian Yipeng, Sun Changzhi, Zhu Yu, Zhang Shiwei, Qiu Hong, Lu Jiehua, Chen Yingzi, Li Shuzhuo, Fan Lida, Yang Chenggang, Yang

China’s demographic estimation by using the generalized stable population model


Population Journal,2016,Vol 38,No. 01

Postponement of childbearing and changes in recent fertility in China

ZHAO Menghan

Population Journal,2016,Vol 38,No. 01

Life expectancy, healthy working life expectancy and extending retirement age

TAN Yuanfa;ZHU Mingjiao;ZHOU Kui

Population Journal,2016,Vol 38,No. 01

Medical insurance policy for the floating population in the Yangtze River Delta

FAN Shide;LU Qiuju;DONG Hongwei;JI Min

Population Journal,2016,Vol 38,No. 01

Economic migration decision of family migration


Population Journal,2016,Vol 38,No. 01

Factors influencing social security participation rate of floating population in urban areas: an analysis of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei monitoring and survey data

HAN Feng

Population Journal,2016,Vol 38,No. 01

Impacts of family structure and intergenerational exchange on individual expectation for old age care

YANG Fan;YANG Chenggang

Population Journal,2016,Vol 38,No. 01

Investigation on health status of the elderly in southern and northern China: cases studies of Zhuhai, Changchun and Siping

Research Group for Project titled with “Survey of Population Aging in Zhuhai City and Study on the Countermeasures”;Director of Research Group for Project titled with “Study on Health Issues of the Elderly in China and the Countermeasures”;LI Hongyan;LIU Ya;WANG Shengjin

Population Journal,2016,Vol 38,No. 01