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  • This journal is one of the earliest journals on population science in China. It is issued worldwide and indexed by CSSCI, and it is listed as the national Chinese core periodicaland the core periodical on population science.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Yu Xiao

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Wang Xiaofeng, Wang Huabo

    Editorial Board
    Wang Guangzhou, Wang Jinying, Yi Hao, Tian Yipeng, Sun Changzhi, Zhu Yu, Zhang Shiwei, Qiu Hong, Lu Jiehua, Chen Yingzi, Li Shuzhuo, Fan Lida, Yang Chenggang, Yang

Simulation study on the selective two-child policy based on system dynamics

RUAN Yajie;SI Xiaoyue;SONG Liying;TANG Yawen

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 05

Impact of marriage payment on conjugal power: findings from hundreds of villages in China

WEI Yan;YANG Dawei

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 05

Education level, outgoing condition of family members and family economic development in poverty-stricken rural area: based on the investigation in Yan Mountains-Taihang Mountains and Heilonggang Basin in Hebei Province

WANG Jinying;WEI Huijing

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 05

The trend of family migration in Yanbian ethnic Korean area and its influencing factors

YANG Xue;MA Xiaoman

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 05

Research on the influencing factors of happiness of floating population in Beijing

YANG Dongliang;CHEN Sisi

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 05

Comprehensive evaluation and analysis of labor resources allocation level in China: on regional difference and economic development

YANG Shengli;GAO Xiangdong

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 05

Study on differences in consumption of different groups of the elderly people in China: based on CHARLS of 2011 national baseline survey

LE Xin

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 05