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Current Issue: Issue 03, 2015  

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  • This journal is one of the earliest journals on population science in China. It is issued worldwide and indexed by CSSCI, and it is listed as the national Chinese core periodicaland the core periodical on population science.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Yu Xiao

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Wang Xiaofeng, Wang Huabo

    Editorial Board
    Wang Guangzhou, Wang Jinying, Yi Hao, Tian Yipeng, Sun Changzhi, Zhu Yu, Zhang Shiwei, Qiu Hong, Lu Jiehua, Chen Yingzi, Li Shuzhuo, Fan Lida, Yang Chenggang, Yang

How does urbanization affect fertility rate in China?: a study based on spatial panel data model

GE Yanxia

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 03

Second-child fertility desire of urban couples with only one side being an only child: a survey analysis of 558 youths in 5 kinds of industries in Nanjing and Baoding

JIA Zhike;FENG Xiaotian

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 03

Analysis on the dynamic changes in scientific development in the northeastern region of China

JIANG Xiding

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 03

Influence of changes in living arrangements on elderly mortality risk

LI Chunhua;LI Jianxin

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 03

Reasons for youth unemployment in South Korea: impact of expected wage and its implication

NAM Kuk-hyun;LI Tianguo

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 03

Differences of China’s total fertility rate at county level and an empirical study of its influencing factors

WANG Liangjian;LIANG Kuang;PENG Yu

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 03

Population carrying capacity of water environment and population industrial structure: based on the study on the Liaohe River source area

WANG Xianen;WEN Xin;CAI Feifei;DUAN Haiyan

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 03

Research on the characteristics and influencing factors of the population movement of the ethnic Korean in Yanbian

WANG Xiaofeng;TIAN Buwei

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 03

Comparative analysis of influence of human capital on economic growth in the Yangtze River Delta region

YU Xiao;MAO Yaping

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 03