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  • This journal is one of the earliest journals on population science in China. It is issued worldwide and indexed by CSSCI, and it is listed as the national Chinese core periodicaland the core periodical on population science.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Yu Xiao

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Wang Xiaofeng, Wang Huabo

    Editorial Board
    Wang Guangzhou, Wang Jinying, Yi Hao, Tian Yipeng, Sun Changzhi, Zhu Yu, Zhang Shiwei, Qiu Hong, Lu Jiehua, Chen Yingzi, Li Shuzhuo, Fan Lida, Yang Chenggang, Yang

Housing sources and its determinants of China's urban youth: empirical analysis based on only-child property and floating features

SONG Jian;LI Jing

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 06

Working life expectancy of Chinese population between 2000 and 2010

LIU Jinju

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 06

Differences in the spatial distribution between inter-provincial and intra-provincial floating population and the influencing factors: based on the case of Fujian Province

TIAN Panpan;ZHU Yu;LIN Liyue;ZHANG Subei

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 06

Research on the development of circular economy in the context of new urbanization strategy in China

CHEN Yingzi;WANG Yifan

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 06

Estimation of China's labor demand elasticity

LI Juan;WU Jianli

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 06

The employment promotion effects of Chinese regional final demand and exports based on MRIO Model

WANG Zhili;ZHUANG Yaer;YAO Liang

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 06

The impact of industrial agglomeration and structural sophistication on Beijing's population size: expansion or convergence?

WANG Yingying;TONG Yufen

Population Journal,2015,Vol 37,No. 06