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  • Youth Studies aims to provide youth with enlightenment, promote academic exchange and develop youth studies.

  • Chairman of the Editorial Board
    Chen Guangjin

    Chen Guangjin

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Zhang Zhimei
    Zhao Lianfei

Peer effects and the adolescents’ weight

QUAN Xiaojuan;ZHU Xiaowen;LU Chuntian;BIAN Yanjie

Youth Studies,2019,No. 04

For the tribe: the study on the collective game behavior and the players’ public participation

ZHONG Zhijin;LIU Kexin;QIAO Yuwei

Youth Studies,2019,No. 04

Will younger-generation entrepreneurs embrace internet more?

LIU Xue;LIU Jinlong;Lyu Peng

Youth Studies,2019,No. 04

Emotional manufacturing: the study on the female live-streamer’s labor process in pan-entertainment live streaming

TU Yongqian;XIONG Yun

Youth Studies,2019,No. 04

The freelancers’ political appeals and their influencing factors

LUO Zhongyong

Youth Studies,2019,No. 04

Trajectory of marriage and childbearing among urban and rural residents in the context of nearby urbanization

LIU Lige;LIU Hongsheng;JIN Xiaoyi

Youth Studies,2019,No. 04

The study on influencing mechanism for premarital pregnancy among migrant female youth

XU Peng;SHI Yu

Youth Studies,2019,No. 04

Women in the practice of family power


Youth Studies,2019,No. 04