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  • Coal Geology & Exploration is one of the most influential scientific and technical journal issued at home and abroad, featuring both academic research and practical technology. It is committed to report scientific research achievements, academic papers, new technologies, methods and experience with high academic level and practical value in coal geology industry. The main columns involve coal geology, mining geology, coalbed methane, shale gas, hydrogeology and engineering geology, environmental geology, coalfield geophysical prospecting, exploration engineering and general message. The journal is published in both paper and electronic forms and it caters to scientific researchers, engineering and technical personnel as well as teachers and students in colleges and universities for communication and exchange of latest and innovative achievements on green, safety and efficient mining.

  • Editor in Chief: JIN Xianglan

Development and application of lightweight underground drill rig

FAN Dong;WANG Ruize;TIAN Hongliang;CHANG Jianghua

Coal Geology & Exploration,2020,Vol 48,No. 04

Integrated monitoring technology of water inrush from coal seam floor and its application

DUAN Jianhua

Coal Geology & Exploration,2020,Vol 48,No. 04

Summary of water hazard characteristics and water prevention and control technology in open-pit coal mines in China

HUANG Xuanming;ZHANG Yan;LI Wensong;TIAN Zenglin

Coal Geology & Exploration,2020,Vol 48,No. 04

Model and selection criterion of zonal preact grouting to prevent mine water disasters of coal floor limestone aquifer in North China type coalfield

DONG Shuning;GUO Xiaoming;LIU Qisheng;WANG Hao;NAN Shenghui;ZHENG Shitian;WANG Yuhang

Coal Geology & Exploration,2020,Vol 48,No. 04

Construction technology of vertical concealed laying of anti-seepage membrane for water cutoff curtain in the open-pit coal mine

LI Wensong;DANG Yakun;ZHU Mingcheng;GAO Ya

Coal Geology & Exploration,2020,Vol 48,No. 04