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  • Coal Geology & Exploration is one of the most influential scientific and technical journal issued at home and abroad, featuring both academic research and practical technology. It is committed to report scientific research achievements, academic papers, new technologies, methods and experience with high academic level and practical value in coal geology industry. The main columns involve coal geology, mining geology, coalbed methane, shale gas, hydrogeology and engineering geology, environmental geology, coalfield geophysical prospecting, exploration engineering and general message. The journal is published in both paper and electronic forms and it caters to scientific researchers, engineering and technical personnel as well as teachers and students in colleges and universities for communication and exchange of latest and innovative achievements on green, safety and efficient mining.

  • Editor in Chief: JIN Xianglan

Geosteering technology and CBM horizontal well drilling without pilot hole

LIU Mingjun;LI Bing;HUANG Wei

Coal Geology & Exploration,2020,Vol 48,No. 01

Application of mine–hole joint microseismic technology in monitoring the damage depth of working face floor

DUAN Jianhua;YAN Wenchao;NAN Hanchen;ZHANG Qingqing;FAN Xin

Coal Geology & Exploration,2020,Vol 48,No. 01

Thermal short-circuiting and heat transfer performance of coaxial borehole heat exchanger

LI Yongqiang;XU Shuanhai;ZHANG Weidong;SUN Yuliang;HAN Yongliang;ZHANG Hao;HUANG Jianfeng

Coal Geology & Exploration,2020,Vol 48,No. 01

Multi-source information evaluation of mud and sand inrush disaster during the mining of deep-buried coal seam

GUO Xiaoming;GUO Kang;LIU Yingfeng

Coal Geology & Exploration,2020,Vol 48,No. 01