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China Petroleum Exploration
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  • Gives an insight into a panorama of China’s oil and gas exploration strategic policies, exploration principles, new theories, new technologies, new methods and managerial experiences to meet the demand for oil and gas exploration development both inside and outsideChina. Focusing on the key issues in oil and gas exploration, it provides a platform of discussion and mutual exchange for decision-makers, engineering and technological professionals and scientific researchers in an attempt to better serve the country’s oil and gas exploration.

  • Editor-in-Chief: Zhao Wenzhi

Research progress and trend of seismic prediction technology for deep and ultra-deep carbonate reservoir

PAN Jianguo;LI Jinsong;WANG Hongbin;LI Chuang;FENG Chao;ZHOU Junfeng

China Petroleum Exploration,2020,Vol 25,No. 03

Characteristics of facies-controlled and early high-frequency exposed karstification in the Qixia Formation of Middle Permian in the northwest of Sichuan Basin and its significance

LI Minglong;TAN Xiucheng;LUO Bing;ZHANG Ya;ZHANG Benjian;LU Feifan;SU Chengpeng;XIAO Di;ZHONG Yuan

China Petroleum Exploration,2020,Vol 25,No. 03

NMR experimental measurement and analysis of Permian–Triassic carbonate rocks in Sichuan Basin

FENG Qingfu;ZHAI Xiufen;FENG Zhou;LIUZHU Ruizhi;LIU Yingming

China Petroleum Exploration,2020,Vol 25,No. 03