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Journal of Mechanical Engineering
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Supervisor(s): China Association for Science and Technology
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  • Journal of Mechanical Engineering, the 1st in the field of mechanical engineering, is supervised by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and sponsored by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES). The journal aims to become an international academic journal of mechanical engineering. Its scope covers mechanics, manufacturing science and technology, instrument science and technology, materials science and engineering, carrying engineering, renewable energy and engineering thermophysics, fluid transmission and control, deep sea equipment technology, and automation control. The journal is included in CA, JST, Pж(AJ), EI, CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Zhong Qunpeng

    Executive Editor-in-Chief
    Wang Buxuan;Lu Yongxiang
    Pan Jiluan

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Wang Wenbin;Wang Guobiao
    Chen Xuedong;Chen Chaozhi
    Huang Tian;Luo Jianbin
    MCCARTHY;J Michael

Permanent Magnets Based Nonlinear Vibration Isolator Subjected to Large-Acceleration Excitations

YAN Bo;MA Hongye;HAN Ruixiang;WANG Ke;WU Chuanyu

Journal of Mechanical Engineering,2019,Vol 55,No. 11

Hybrid Global Optimization Method Based on Dynamic Kriging Metamodel and Gradient Projection Method for Optimal Design of Robot

YANG Zhijun;CHEN Chaoran;HUANG Guanxin

Journal of Mechanical Engineering,2019,Vol 55,No. 11