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Tunnel Construction
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  • Tunnel Construction was hosted by China Railway Tunnel Consultants Co.,Ltd. It mainly publishes research results and advanced technologies in tunnels and underground engineering and related fields; the content of the publication is based on practical technology, taking into account experiments, research and comprehensive reviews, designing tunnels and underground works in railways and highways, and related institutional projects, Water conservancy projects, geotechnical engineering, engineering blasting, engineering materials, engineering machinery, engineering management and other majors. Domestic and international scientific and technological information and industry trends in related fields.

  • Editor-in-Chief:Hong Kairong

Chunfeng Tunnel: The Largest Diameter Shield Tunnel in China

YOU Yongfeng

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 04

General Design of Shenzhen-Zhongshan River-crossing Link Project

XU Guoping;HUANG Qingfei

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 04

Study of Collaborative Management of Intelligent Highway Tunnel

HAN Zhi;GUAN Feifei

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 04

Innovation and Practice of Hard Rock TBM in China

HONG Kairong;WANG Dujuan;GUO Rujun

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 04