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Tunnel Construction
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  • Tunnel Construction was hosted by China Railway Tunnel Consultants Co.,Ltd. It mainly publishes research results and advanced technologies in tunnels and underground engineering and related fields; the content of the publication is based on practical technology, taking into account experiments, research and comprehensive reviews, designing tunnels and underground works in railways and highways, and related institutional projects, Water conservancy projects, geotechnical engineering, engineering blasting, engineering materials, engineering machinery, engineering management and other majors. Domestic and international scientific and technological information and industry trends in related fields.

  • Editor-in-Chief:Hong Kairong

Construction Technologies for Tunnels in Special and Complicated Geology of Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway

LI Ning;LI Guoliang

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 03

Study of Design and Construction Technology of Ultra-large-span Tunnel at Badaling Great Wall Station

ZHANG Minqing;LYU Gang;HE Zhijun;LIU Jianyou;JIAO Yunzhou;LUO Duhao

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 03

Design Evaluation of Optics Valley Plaza Complex


Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 03

Study of Tunneling Technology in Tertiary Sandy Mudstone Strata with Rich Water under High Pressure: Case Study of Shuangfeng Tunnel of Mudanjiang-Suifenhe Railway

MA Zhifu;YANG Changxian

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 03

Key Technology of Sea-crossing Interval Tunnel in Complex Environment Design of Xiamen Rail Transit Line 3

SONG Chaoye;HE Weiguo

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 03

Representative Projects and Development Trend of Underwater Shield Tunnels in China

XIAO Mingqing

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 03

Key Rock Mechanics Problems and Countermeasures on Huge Diversion Tunnel of Baihetan Hydropower Station

ZHOU Chuiyi;CHEN Pingzhi;HE Shihai;CHEN Jianlin;LIU Ning;CHU Weijiang

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 03

Extra-large Undersea Shield Tunnel in Composite Ground: Maliuzhou Traffic Tunnel in Zhuhai

ZHU Yanfei;LI Lei;WU Huiming

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 03

Statistics of Railway Tunnels in China as of 2017

Tunnel Construction,2018,Vol 38,No. 03