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Chinese Journal of Lasers
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Current Issue: Issue 12, 2017  

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  • Chinese Journal of Lasers, regarded as a flag-ship journal in China, reports the most fresh and influential research in the laser field. Founded in 1974, the journal is administrated by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), sponsored by Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS, and Chinese Optical Society, and published by Chinese Laser Press. The featured columns include laser physics,laser manufacturing,materials and thin films,measurement and metrology ,beam transmission and control, optical communications, biomedical photonics and laser medicine, nonlinear optics, holography and information processing, remote sensing and sensor, spectroscopy, quantum optics, micro and nano optics, terahertz technology, rapid communications, and so on. Chinese Journal of Lasers is indexed in the following databases: EI, Scopus, AJ, CA, INSPEC, CSCD, etc. It has been titled as one of the“100 Chinese Top S&T Journal”,“100 Chinese Outstanding Academic Journal”,“Outstanding S&T Journals of China”,and “The Most International Influencing Academic Journal in China”.

  • Advisory Editors
    Wang Zhijiang, Xu Zhizhan, Fan Dianyuan, Du Xiangwan
    Zhou Bingkun
    Executive Editor-in-Chief
    Hu Qiquan
    Associate Editors-in-Chief
    Chen Weibiao, Zhou Shouhuan, Cheng Zhaogu, Liu Zejin, Zhang Xiaoming, Lv Zhiwei, Zhou Jun,

Dynamic Twyman Interferometer for Phase Defect Measurement

MA Yun;CHEN Lei;ZHU Wenhua;LIU Yiming;LI Jianxin

Chinese Journal of Lasers,2017,Vol 44,No. 12

Application of High-Accuracy Laser Doppler Velocimeter in Self-Contained Land Navigation System

YING Zhihui;GAO Chunfeng;WANG Qi;WEI Guo;ZHOU Jian;XIE Yuanping

Chinese Journal of Lasers,2017,Vol 44,No. 12

Accomplishment of Numerical Simulation for a SSD Beam Propagation in a Large Scale Plasma

LI Bin;LIU Zhanjun;HAO Liang;HU Xiaoyan;ZHENG Chunyang;XIANG Jiang

Chinese Journal of Lasers,2017,Vol 44,No. 12