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Environmental Science
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  • Environmental Science is supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences and sponsored by Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Launched in 1976, it is a monthly and international public journal. Its scope covers the latest and significant achievements in basic research and applied research, and the theories and techniques for pollution control, clean production and ecological construction. The journal is included in MEDLINE, CA, AJ, BP, IM, JICST, ZR, CSA, CSTPCD, CNKI and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Ouyang Ziyuan

    Associate Editor
    Zhao Jingzhu, Hao Jiming, Tian Gang

Influence of Secondary Organic Coating on Hygroscopicity of a Sodium Chloride Core: Based on Mircro-scale Single Particle Analysis

ZHANG Shu-jia;XU Liang;GUO Xin-mei;HUANG Dao;LI Wei-jun

Environmental Science,2020,Vol 41,No. 05

Tempo-spatial and Retention Analysis of Total Phosphorus in the Three Gorges Reservoir

TANG Xiao-ya;TONG Si-chen;HUANG Guo-xian;XU Guang-xiang;LI Dan

Environmental Science,2020,Vol 41,No. 05

Synthesis of Magnetic Biochar and Its Application in the Remediation of Heavy-Metal-Contaminated Soils

WANG Jun-nan;CHENG Shan-shan;ZHAN Wen-hao;REN Qiang;MA Xiao-yu;WANG Yang-yang

Environmental Science,2020,Vol 41,No. 05

Impact of Different Concentrations of Ozone on the Chemical Composition of Single-particle Aerosols

WU Meng-xi;CHENG Chun-lei;HUANG Bo;LI Mei;CHEN Duo-hong

Environmental Science,2020,Vol 41,No. 05

Stability of Ferrihydrite and Goethite Nanoparticles under Different Environmental Conditions

WANG Zhi-qiao;MA Jie;CHEN Ya-li;WENG Li-ping;GU Ya-tao;LI Yong-tao

Environmental Science,2020,Vol 41,No. 05

Occurrence and Ecological Risk of Eight Typical PhACs in Surface Water and Their Impact on Daphnia magna

XU Xin-lei;LIU Jian-chao;LU Guang-hua

Environmental Science,2020,Vol 41,No. 05

Temporal and Spatial Occurrence of NSAIDs in Taihu Lake and Relevant Risk Assessment

LIAN Jie;LI Yi-fei;WANG Xiao-xuan;YE Bin;ZOU Hua;SHI Hong-xing

Environmental Science,2020,Vol 41,No. 05