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Environmental Science
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  • Environmental Science is supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences and sponsored by Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Launched in 1976, it is a monthly and international public journal. Its scope covers the latest and significant achievements in basic research and applied research, and the theories and techniques for pollution control, clean production and ecological construction. The journal is included in MEDLINE, CA, AJ, BP, IM, JICST, ZR, CSA, CSTPCD, CNKI and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Ouyang Ziyuan

    Associate Editor
    Zhao Jingzhu, Hao Jiming, Tian Gang

Regional Transport Matrix Study of PM 2.5 in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, 2015

WANG Yan-li;XUE Wen-bo;LEI Yu;WANG Jin-nan;WU Wei-ling

Environmental Science,2017,Vol 38,No. 12

Uptake and Volatilization of Gaseous Elemental Mercury by Paddy Rice

SHANG Shuai;TIAN Pei;JIANG Yu;WU Jing-xuan;JIANG Shan;DENG Hong

Environmental Science,2017,Vol 38,No. 12

Exposure Level of Population and Economy in Zhejiang Province Considering the Background of PM 2.5 in East China

YU Zhen-yan;GAO Da-wei;LI Zheng-quan;YANG Xu-chao;WANG Kuo;MA Hao;XU Hong-hui

Environmental Science,2017,Vol 38,No. 12

Effect of Atmospheric Haze Based on Multi-source Remote Sensing Data Considering the Scale Effect of Landscape Sources and Sinks

XU Kai;YU Tian-tian;SUN Jiao-jiao;YUAN Zhao-xiang;QIN Kun

Environmental Science,2017,Vol 38,No. 12

Composition and Distribution of Antibiotics in Soils with Different Land Use Types in a Typical Peri-urban Area of the Yangtze River Delta

ZHAO Fang-kai;CHEN Li-ding;YANG Lei;FANG Li;SUN Long;LI Shou-juan

Environmental Science,2017,Vol 38,No. 12

Flux Characteristics of CO 2, CH 4, and N 2O and Their Influencing Factors in Different Types of Ditches on the Chengdu Plain

FENG Xiang-rong;DENG Ou-ping;DENG Liang-ji;WU Ming;YAO Kun;YANG Ze-peng

Environmental Science,2017,Vol 38,No. 12

Fast Start-up and Performance of the CANON Process Based on a SBAF System and Evolution Properties of Microorganisms

YUE Xiu;LIU Zhu-han;YU Guang-ping;JI Shi-ming;TANG Jia-li

Environmental Science,2017,Vol 38,No. 12

Characteristics of the Size Distribution of Water-soluble Ions during a Heavy Pollution Episode in the Winter in Tianjin

YAO Qing;LIU Zi-rui;HAN Su-qin;CAI Zi-ying;LIU Jing-le;HUANG Xiao-juan;LIU Jing-yun;WANG Yue-si

Environmental Science,2017,Vol 38,No. 12