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Environmental Science
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Sponsor(s): Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)

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  • Environmental Science is supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences and sponsored by Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Launched in 1976, it is a monthly and international public journal. Its scope covers the latest and significant achievements in basic research and applied research, and the theories and techniques for pollution control, clean production and ecological construction. The journal is included in MEDLINE, CA, AJ, BP, IM, JICST, ZR, CSA, CSTPCD, CNKI and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Ouyang Ziyuan

    Associate Editor
    Zhao Jingzhu, Hao Jiming, Tian Gang

Contribution of Particle Size and Surface Coating of Silver Nanoparticles to Its Toxicity in Marine Diatom Skeletonema costatum

HUANG Jun;YI Jun;QIANG Li-yuan;CHENG Jin-ping

Environmental Science,2016,Vol 37,No. 05

Pollution Characteristics and Ecological Risk of PBDEs in Water and Sediment from an Electronic Waste Dismantling Area in Taizhou

CHEN Xiang-ping;PENG Bao-qi;Lv Su-ping;CHEN Qiang;ZHANG Yong;HUANG Chang-jiang;DONG Qiao-xiang

Environmental Science,2016,Vol 37,No. 05

Effects of Thermophilic Composting on Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGs) of Swine Manure Source

ZHENG Ning-guo;HUANG Nan;WANG Wei-wei;YU Man;CHEN Xiao-yang;YAO Yan-lai;WANG Wei-ping;HONG Chun-lai

Environmental Science,2016,Vol 37,No. 05

Characteristics of Dissolved CH 4 and N 2O Concentrations of Weihe River in Xinxiang Section in Spring

HOU Cui-cui;ZHANG Fang;LI Ying-chen;WANG Qi-bo;LIU Sai

Environmental Science,2016,Vol 37,No. 05

Establishment of Method for Health Risk Assessment of Pollutants from Fixed Sources

CHEN Qiang;WU Huan-bo

Environmental Science,2016,Vol 37,No. 05

Distribution Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Nitrate Pollution in Shallow Groundwater of Liujiang Basin

WANG He;GU Hong-biao;CHI Bao-ming;LI Hai-jun;JIANG Hai-ning

Environmental Science,2016,Vol 37,No. 05

Contamination Assessment and Sources Analysis of Soil Heavy Metals in Opencast Mine of East Junggar Basin in Xinjiang

LIU Wei;YANG Jian-jun;WANG Jun;WANG Guo;CAO Yue-e

Environmental Science,2016,Vol 37,No. 05

Effect of Irrigation Patterns on Soil CO 2 and N 2O Emissions from Winter Wheat Field in North China Plain

GUO Shu-fang;QI Yu-chun;YIN Fei-hu;PENG Qin;DONG Yun-she;HE Yun-long;YAN Zhong-qing

Environmental Science,2016,Vol 37,No. 05