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Environmental Science
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Sponsor(s): Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)

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  • Environmental Science is supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences and sponsored by Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Launched in 1976, it is a monthly and international public journal. Its scope covers the latest and significant achievements in basic research and applied research, and the theories and techniques for pollution control, clean production and ecological construction. The journal is included in MEDLINE, CA, AJ, BP, IM, JICST, ZR, CSA, CSTPCD, CNKI and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Ouyang Ziyuan

    Associate Editor
    Zhao Jingzhu, Hao Jiming, Tian Gang

Pollution Level and Sources of Organic Phosphorus Esters in Airborne PM 2.5 in Chengdu City

YIN Hong-ling;LI Shi-ping;YE Zhi-xiang;YANG Ying-chun;LIANG Jin-feng;YOU Jun-jie

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10

Characteristics and Parameterization for Atmospheric Extinction Coefficient in Beijing

CHEN Yi-na;ZHAO Pu-sheng;HE Di;DONG Fan;ZHAO Xiu-juan;ZHANG Xiao-ling

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10

Mass Transport in Porous Sediments During a Turbulent Disturbance

LI Shao-long;CHEN Dao-yi

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10

Distribution Characteristics and Potential Risk of CBs in Aquatic Organisms from Typical Epidemic Areas of Schistosomiasis Prevalence

LI Kun;ZHAO Gao-feng;ZHOU Huai-dong;ZHAO Jian;ZHANG Pan-wei;LIU Qiao-na;WANG Xing-xun;LIU Xiao-ru

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10

Vertical Distribution Characteristics of Typical Forest Soil Organic Nitrogen in Dawei Mountain

DING Xian-qing;MA Hui-jing;ZHU Xiao-long;CHEN Shan;HOU Hong-bo;PENG Pei-qin

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10

Application of rainbow trout CYP1 gene expression patterns in gill and liver for Haihe River bio-monitoring

Gao Kai;Yan Pei;Tan Cui-ling;Luo Yanhe;Sun Jing;Maria E. Jönsson;Ingvar Brandt;Tang Yunping

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10

Long-Term Inhibition of FNA on Aerobic Phosphate Uptake and Variation of Phosphorus Uptake Properties of the Sludge

MA Juan;LI Lu;YU Xiao-jun;SUN Lei-jun;SUN Hong-wei;CHEN Yong-zhi

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10

Formation and Variation of Brominated Disinfection By-products in A Combined Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Process for Seawater Desalination

YANG Zhe;SUN Ying-xue;SHI Na;HU Hong-ying

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10

Efficacy of A 2/O-MBR Combined Process in Wastewater Treatment and the Characteristics of Membrane Fouling

WANG Xu-dong;MA Ya-bin;WANG Lei;YANG Yi-ting;HUANG Dan-xi;XIA Si-qing

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10

Simulation Study of the Emission of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Sugar Alcohols from Biomass Burning

HUANG Shuai;HUANG Xin-yi;WU Shui-ping;HU Qing-hua;CHEN Xiao-qiu

Environmental Science,2015,Vol 36,No. 10