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  • Acta Optica Sinica(ISSN:0253-2239), founded in 1981, is the optical academic publication issued at home and abroad, which covers the latest research in optical science. The main scopes of this journal include atmospheric and ocean optics, detectors, fiber optics and optical communications, Fourier optics and optical signal processing, holography, imaging systems, measurement and metrology, lasers and laser optics, machine vision, materials, nonlinear optics, optical design and fabrication, optical devices, physical optics, quantum optics, remote sensing and sensors, spectroscopy, X-ray optics, etc. This journal offers service for optical science and technology researcher to carry out academic exchange and discussion. Acta Optica Sinica has been selected into Science Abstracts(SA), Chemical Abstract (CA), Abstract Journal(AJ), Information Service in Physics, Electro-Technology, Computer and Control (INSPEC), Engineering Index (EI), etc, which is one of 100 outstanding academic journals of China.

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    Gan Fuxi Wang Zhijiang Xu Zhizhan Wang Runwen
    Cao Jianlin
    Executive Editor-in-Chief
    Liu Liren
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    Shao Jianda Xu Jinjun Hu Lili Han Shensheng
    Executive Editorial Board
    Wang Yongtian Liu Shu

Comparative Analysis of Multiple Chemometrics Methods in Application of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Quantitative Analysis of Soil Elements

YING Luna;ZHOU Weidong

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

A Plasmon Multi-Channel Wavelength Division Multiplexer Constructed with a Nanodisk Structure Embedded in a Rectangular Metal Block

XIAO Gongli;XU Junlin;YANG Hongyan;WEI Qingchen;DOU Wanying;YANG Xiuhua;LI Haiou;ZHANG Fabi;SUN Tangyou

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Uniform Side-Glowing Polymer Optical Fiber Fabricated by Laser-Marking

QI Yu;LIU Chujia;HE Yong;GAO Feifei;LI Zirun;ZHUANG Qiren

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Study of Parallel Translation Computed Laminography Imaging

WANG Shaoyu;WU Weiwen;GONG Changcheng;LIU Fenglin

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Simultaneous On-Line Measurement of Exhaled Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor Based on 2.73 μm Distributed Feedback Laser

WU Tao;ZHANG Huailin;KONG Weiping;HE Xingdao;CHEN Zhongping;CHEN Weidong

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Threshold Optimization in Cloud Detection by Polarized Multichannel Remote Sensing

FANG Wei;QIAO Yanli;ZHANG Dongying;YI Weining

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Calculation of Geostationary Satellites’ Nominal Fixed Grid and Its Application in FY-4A Advanced Geosynchronous Radiation Imager

WANG Jing;LIU Chengbao;YANG Lei;SHANG Jian;ZHANG Zhiqing

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Photon-Counting Laser Altimetry Based on Microchannel Plate

MI Xiaoshi;ZHAO Hui;FAN Xuewu;SHENG Lizhi

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Simultaneous Measurement Sensors of Temperature and Strain Based on Hollow Core Fiber and Fiber Bragg Grating

TAN Zhan;LIAO Changrui;LIU Shen;HOU Maoxiang;ZHANG Zhe;GUO Kuikui;WANG Yiping

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Optimization of Atom Flux in Atom Lithography

CHEN Jie;LIU Jie;ZHU Li;DENG Xiao;CHENG Xinbin;LI Tongbao

Acta Optica Sinica,2018,Vol 38,No. 12