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Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium
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  • Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium is supervised by Pangang Group Company Ltd. And sponsored by Panzhihua Iron & Steel Research Institute Co., Ltd. of Pangang Group. Launched in 1980, Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium aims at boosting the development of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite, applications of vanadium and titanium in steels, and comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources. Its scope covers multitudes of important subjects in V-bearing titaniferous magnetite smelting with ordinary BF, intensified BF smelting of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite, vanadium recovery by atomization process, vanadium recovery with converter, steelmaking with semi-steel and continuous casting, vanadium microalloying and new steel grades development, development of vanadium-bearing steel rails, full-length quenching for steel rails, vanadium pentoxide preparation from vanadium slag, and production and further processing of titanium pigment. The journal is included in CA and Pж(AJ).

  • Chief Committeeman
    Chen Yong
    Associate Chief Committeemen
    Hu Hongfei,Sun Zhaohui
    Member of a Committee(According to the Family Name Stroke Order)
    Wang Guodong,Wang Xinhu,Deng Guozhu,Bai Chengguang,Zhu Qingshan,Liu Zhenghong,Ruan Guoling,Li Jinshan,Yang

Influence of Transition Metals Ti and Co on Interfacial Microstructure and Strength of Copper–graphene Composites

XIAN Yong;CHEN Deping;DING Yichao;WANG Jing;LU Yanhong

Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium,2020,Vol 41,No. 05