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Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium
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  • Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium is supervised by Pangang Group Company Ltd. And sponsored by Panzhihua Iron & Steel Research Institute Co., Ltd. of Pangang Group. Launched in 1980, Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium aims at boosting the development of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite, applications of vanadium and titanium in steels, and comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources. Its scope covers multitudes of important subjects in V-bearing titaniferous magnetite smelting with ordinary BF, intensified BF smelting of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite, vanadium recovery by atomization process, vanadium recovery with converter, steelmaking with semi-steel and continuous casting, vanadium microalloying and new steel grades development, development of vanadium-bearing steel rails, full-length quenching for steel rails, vanadium pentoxide preparation from vanadium slag, and production and further processing of titanium pigment. The journal is included in CA and Pж(AJ).

  • Chief Committeeman
    Chen Yong
    Associate Chief Committeemen
    Hu Hongfei,Sun Zhaohui
    Member of a Committee(According to the Family Name Stroke Order)
    Wang Guodong,Wang Xinhu,Deng Guozhu,Bai Chengguang,Zhu Qingshan,Liu Zhenghong,Ruan Guoling,Li Jinshan,Yang

Effects of Heat Treatment Processes on Microstructures and Properties of the Vanadium-alloyed Cold-rolled TRIP Steel

Zhang Gongting;Zhang Zhiwang;Wang Minli;Cai Xiaowen

Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium,2016,Vol 37,No. 06

Thermodynamics Analysis for Redox Calcination of Titanium Slag Produced by Electric Furnace in Panzhihua

Liu Shuishi;Zhou Zhi'an;Guo Yufeng

Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium,2016,Vol 37,No. 06

Study on the Transformation Induced Plasticity Steel of 780 MPa Grade Cold Rolled

Wang Minli;Xin Yunchang;Zheng Zhiwang

Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium,2016,Vol 37,No. 06

Effects of FeO in Titanium Slag on Molten Salt Chlorination

Miao Qingdong;Li Kaihua;Chen Aixiang;He Anxi;Li Liang

Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium,2016,Vol 37,No. 06

Thermodynamic Analysis and Experimental Research on Preparation of V-4Cr-4Ti Crude Alloy by Mg and Ca Co-Reduction

Yin Danfeng;Sun Zhaohui;Chen Haijun;Du Guangchao;Jing Han

Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium,2016,Vol 37,No. 06