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Supervisor(s): Development Research Center of The State Council
Sponsor(s): Development Research Center of The State Council

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Current Issue: Issue 10, 2017  

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  • Management World is supervised by Development Research Center of The State Council, and sponsored by Development Research Center of The State Council. It aims to reflect the multi-field and multi-disciplinary research on China’s economic and social management issues, and to provide services for China’s economic reform and development. Its scope covers fiscal and financial research, rural economics, macroeconomic management, public management, business management, industrial and regional development. The journal, included in CSSCI and JST, has been in the top list in the field of economic management for many years, and achieved a very high reputation from readers all over the world.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Li Kemu

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Tian Yuan,He Shaohua, Lu Jian, Jiang Dongsheng

    Editorial Board
    Ma Xiaogang, Qiao Renyi, Li Jiping, Li Menggang, Li Peiyu, Zhang Xinmmin, Shen Bainian, Chen Dongsheng, Cheng Quansheng, Zhao Jie,Tuo Zhen

The university essence and its contractual arrangements: a paradigm of modern enterprise theory

ZHENG Wenquan

Management World,2017,No. 10

Roles of foreign subsidiaries and the matching effects with their control modes: a dual cross-case qualitative comparative analysis

HAO Jin;WANG Fengbin;WANG Cong

Management World,2017,No. 10

How to establish tie portfolios to improve performance for entrepreneurial firms?


Management World,2017,No. 10

Research on macro-prudential policy rules and the transmission path

LI Tianyu ;ZHANG Qishan ;ZHANG He

Management World,2017,No. 10