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Journal of International Trade
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervisor(s): Ministry of Education of PRC
Sponsor(s): University of International Business and Economics

12 issues per year

Current Issue: Issue 01, 2015  

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Journal official website:http://gjmw.cbpt.cnki.net/WKC/WebPublication/index.aspx?mid=gjmw

  • Journal of International Trade is supervised by Ministry of Education of PRC, and sponsored by University of International Business and Economics. It aims to build up the top one academic journal with an international perspective in the field of economy and trade in China, and to provide services for China’s economic progress and enterprise development. The scope covers East Asia economic cooperation, regional trade, service trade, international investment and transnational operation, and international finance. The journal is included in CSSCI.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Lin Guijun

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Tang Bi

    Editorial Board
    Anthony Vennables(UK), David Round(Australia), Edmund Phelps(U.S.A.), E. Kwan Choi, Francisco Rivera-Batiz(U.S.A.), Gordon Anderson(Canada), Jagdish N. Bhagwati(U.S.A.), John Whal

Study on the sustainable development of Sino-Australian economic and trade relations

JING Linbo;YUAN Pinghong

Journal of International Trade,2015,No. 01

An empirical study on the performance of cross-border venture capital syndication investment: evidence from China

WANG Yurong;GAO Fei;LI Jun

Journal of International Trade,2015,No. 01

Changes on China’s foreign trade sustainable development from the perspective of trade ecologization: a quantitative assessment based on PSR model

DAI Minghui

Journal of International Trade,2015,No. 01

Application of dynamic comparative advantage theory to structural transformation of China’s service export: an empirical research based on provincial panel data from the perspective of factor structure

XU Helian;CHENG Lihong

Journal of International Trade,2015,No. 01

China's Division of Labor and Trade Status in GPNs:A Research Based on TiVA Data and GVC Index

CEN Li-jun

Journal of International Trade,2015,No. 01