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China Industrial Economics
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Current Issue: Issue 08, 2019  

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  • China Industrial Economics is supervised by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and sponsored by Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It aims to report researches on industrial economics and business management, and to reflect outstanding research results on Chinese industrial economy and enterprise development. The scope covers national economy, industrial economy and business management. The journal is included in CSSCI, and is the top journal in the field of industrial economics in China.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Huang Qunhui

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Shi Dan, Li Haijian

Health cost of China’s export expansion: evidence from adult morbidity

LIU Kaihao;TONG Jiadong;LIU Runjuan

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 08

Research on quantamental investing driven by machine learning

LI Bin;SHAO Xinyue;LI Yueyang

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 08

Short selling, capital market pressure and corporate strategic choice

MENG Qingbin;LI Xinyu;ZHANG Xiuping

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 08

The Impact of competition policy on foreign direct investment in regional trade agreements

LIN Mengyao;ZHANG Zhongyuan

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 08

Prediction effect of high-frequency investor sentiment on the intraday stock return

YIN Haiyuan;WU Xingying

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 08

Influence of Chinese manufacturing export on the US corporate innovation

LIU Zhidong;GAO Hongwei

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 08

Competition, capital supervision and efficiency optimization of commercial banks regard to the impact of monetary policy environment

YU Jingjing;HE Dexu;TONG Feifei

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 08

Evaluation of the economic growth effect and policy effectiveness of pilot zones for the reform of poverty alleviation

ZHANG Guojian;TONG Menghua;LI Hui;CHEN Fei

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 08