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China Industrial Economics
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Current Issue: Issue 05, 2018  

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  • China Industrial Economics is supervised by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and sponsored by Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It aims to report researches on industrial economics and business management, and to reflect outstanding research results on Chinese industrial economy and enterprise development. The scope covers national economy, industrial economy and business management. The journal is included in CSSCI, and is the top journal in the field of industrial economics in China.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Huang Qunhui

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Shi Dan, Li Haijian

The spillover effect and siphon effect of public transportation on housing market: a case study of subway

FAN Ziying;ZHANG Hang;CHEN Jie

China Industrial Economics,2018,No. 05

Why can Internet Plus increase performance

YANG Deming;LIU Yongwen

China Industrial Economics,2018,No. 05

High-speed railways, market access and enterprises’ productivity

ZHANG Mengting;YU Feng;ZHONG Changbiao;LIN Faqin

China Industrial Economics,2018,No. 05

Study on the impact of high-speed rail on land price and its mechanism: evidence from micro land transactions

ZHOU Yulong;YANG Jidong;HUANG Yanghua;Geoffrey J. D. Hewings

China Industrial Economics,2018,No. 05

Firm’s internationalization strategy in China: research based on emerging economies firm’s perspective


China Industrial Economics,2018,No. 05

Impact of inward foreign direct investment on the host country’s international entrepreneurship: an institutional environment view

TIAN Bifei;MEI Xiaofang;DU Yong;WANG Bolang

China Industrial Economics,2018,No. 05

Does market segmentation curb firm’s DVAR in China

LYU Yue;SHENG Bin;LYU Yunlong

China Industrial Economics,2018,No. 05